Bed or Beds?

I know…I know…I have not been very good with the blogging stuff.  That does not mean that I have lost interest in the trek.  I have been very busy reading fulltimers blogs and making lists.  I do love lists.  There is so much to learn.

The first big project has been THE BED.  Do we keep the big bed made up all the time or do we sleep in the singles?  Our first adventure at Easter (more about that later) we set up the big bed and slept very warm and well.  The down side is that there is no access to the nice large drawers under the bed, or the benches and table.  The little nightstand is a pain since it doesn’t fit under the big bed.  And setting up the big bed is strenuous and time consuming.

We tried sleeping in the singles one night in the driveway.  These are not full-sized single beds…only about 27 inches wide.  And you kind of fold yourself into them under the cabinet at the foot and beside the night stand at the head.  I fear getting up in the dark could result in bumps and bruises.  We both slept well but the bed size is definitely restrictive.

Decisions, decisions.  After much deliberation we have decided to go both ways.  If we are on the road and need the table and more accessible storage, we will use the singles.  The nightstand has been removed to prevent head bumps in the night and is now a set of drawers on a table in the house.  Once we arrive at a destination and plan to stay for more than a night or two we will make up the big bed.