Almost Ready…

We are almost ready to head out again, this time to escape the cold.  Since last I wrote (July? eeek!) we spent ten days at “The Summer Party” in New Brunswick and a few weekends out and about including another wonderful wedding weekend and trips to Bangor.

The Summer Party was especially sweet this year since we had the time to get there early and leave late without the usual stress.  For the uninitiated, we have been going to the party every summer since 1990 where for four days there is lots of live music and imbibing and eating great food and visiting with friends from all over New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Ontario and New England.  After so many years all the children have grown up and are now bringing children of their own.  It is a very special time.

In October we visited Julian and Julie.  The trip was our first experience driving in the big city and we did just fine.  Only got lost coming in but that is the usual condition getting around Boston.  We won’t use Google maps again for Boston since it took us over a toll bridge when we could have easily gotten to their apartment from I95.  We “camped” in a small parking lot behind their building and even with the all-night lights we were comfortable and slept well.  On our way south we spent a rainy night with friends near Portland.  People’s driveways make for great boondocking.  We stopped at Caroline and Tim’s on the way home for a night and had a nice visit with the grandbabies.  All in all the weather was great and we had a wonderful time.

More recently, we winterized the van at Houlton Power Sports where I got a chance to browse 5th wheels while waiting.  The oil on the van has been changed and we purchased four all season tires.  The tires that came at the time of purchase were new, however, they are summer tires and we could barely get out of our driveway when there was the least bit of snow.  Not so good when we want to head out in the late fall or winter and get back safely before May.  We still will travel only when we have a clear weather window but the right tires are a must in Maine.

I did a thorough cleaning in November and we have purchased new mats and rugs for the trip.  With luck we will have a relatively warm day before we leave to touch up and get packed.

Looking forward to some warm weather and another adventure!