La la la…

What a beautiful day here…the weather is perfect right now.  Sunny, deep blue sky, gentle breeze, low humidity.  The locals are all freezing but I’m loving it.  The amazing thing about Hobe Sound weather is that it changes from day to day.

One night we went to a dinner at the club.  The band that Dan plays with put on a good show and it was fun people watching as we danced and enjoyed a good meal.

Another evening we went to Dan’s brother’s house and had an amazing ribs, potatoes and Caesar salad dinner.

Last night dinner at friends with lots of good conversation and laughter.

The days sort of run together, with sleeping late, leisurely breakfast, sometimes walking or biking, an occasional shopping trip, and by then it’s time for dinner and socializing.  It’s all very laid back and therapeutic.

It’s all good!



Sunny Florida? – January 10th

We were up and moving early yesterday.  Arrived at Dan and Cindy’s around noon.

And then the rains came.  It poured and poured and poured and the wind was wild, like a thunderstorm at home only it lasted for a couple of hours.  The power blinked a few times but never died.  Down the road a bit there was a tornado that damaged a number of mobile homes.  Lots of flooding in the area…all in all, a small taste of what a hurricane would be like.

No leaks here.  We were nice and dry inside.

It’s all good!


In Search of Warmth

Cary, North Carolina, January 6th, overnight low temperature, 9°F.  January 7th, high of 23°, low of 13°F.  These are record lows, people.  Not nice, especially with pretty good wind chills added on.  No likey, so much.

The plan was to leave Tuesday but it was just too frigid to move and even 400 miles south was going to be in the teens overnight – a bit too low to comfortably sleep in the van.  So we chilled out with Connie another day.

Pulled out this morning around 9:00 AM and, after our usual wrong turns and backtracks, headed south from the Raleigh/Durham area towards sunny, WARM, Florida.  We lunched in the van and pulled into Kingsland, Georgia for dinner around 5:30 at Sonny’s BBQ.  Nice restaurant, great food, reasonably priced.

Staying at the hotel Wal-Mart.  The weatherman promises it will not go below 40° tonight.

It’s all good!


Sunday, January 6, 2014

Had a nice dinner out Saturday night with Janet and Christie and the Grahns.  Yes, I should have taken pictures but that’s another habit I need to acquire on this adventure.  It’s fun being with family on a yearly basis…seeing the nieces and nephews as they get older.

Yesterday was busy with chores, laundry, walking to the market, shopping with Connie for a Fitbit.  The walk to the nearest grocery is about a mile so that gave us a good two mile exercise hike before lunch.  In the afternoon we went to another new shopping area for the Fitbit and also made our first visit to REI, a place where one could spend lots on camping trinkets.

In the evening we had a yummy dinner of chicken, rice and quinoa, and broccoli.  Watched the end of the 49er’s and Packers game and our first introduction to Downton Abbey.  We are learning about lots of television shows to watch when we get home.

It’s all good!




Yesterday, lots of relaxing and visiting with Connie so not a lot to write about.  The weather is very chilly but not so cold that it’s keeping us indoors.  A good thing about this neighborhood is that there is plenty of sidewalks for walking and we get out for a good amount of exercise.

We watched the Sugar Bowl game on Thursday night and the Orange Bowl game last night.  It’s the first time in years that we have seen football.  Connie is very much into college football and basketball.  Today it will be Duke basketball in the afternoon…very good for working on my needlework.

Janet is coming over today and we plan to have dinner out.

It’s all good!


…and More Driving

Not much excitement today, which is a good thing when the plan is a long drive.  Our motivation to move was a big storm headed for the east coast.  We beat the bad weather, in fact, it was good day for driving except for a bit of rain the last hour.

We arrived at Connie’s around 5:00 PM.  She had dinner waiting and we are enjoying a visit and a quiet evening.

It’s all good!


Driving Driving Driving January 1, 2014

It’s been a long, long driving day.  We were up early and on the road before 7:00 AM and were busy congratulating ourselves when we noticed that the van was waltzing a bit as though it was very windy outside.  Unfortunately, the wind was non-existent.

We stopped in Portsmouth to check the air pressure in the tires and found that both rear tires needed air.  The first air compressor we tried didn’t work.  The second compressor would only inflate to seventy pounds and we needed eighty, which meant finding a truck stop…very early on New Year’s Day.

Sooo… we decided to have breakfast at a trucker’s haven.  When in doubt, eat.  After eggs, hashed browns, bacon, corn beef hash, toast and coffee, we located an air compressor at Buzz’s Truck Stop in Portsmouth, stuffed our rear tires with lots of air, and went on our merry way at 10:00 AM.  So much for an early start.

With a few more stops for gas and what should have been our breakfast for lunch in the van, we motored through Massachusetts, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey and arrived in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania at 6:45 PM.  It was a great day for driving since most everyone was home recovering from New Year’s Eve or watching football games.  Even in the populated areas traffic was light.

After a salad bar dinner, we are ready to retire early again.

By the way, when we awoke in South Portland, the temperature was hovering around 2°.  Right now in Harrisburg it’s 30°.  Feels just like spring!

It’s all good!