Perdenales Falls

February 27, 2014

The falls at Perdenales Falls are not so exciting at the moment since the water level is so low but they must be fantastic after a good storm since there are signs all over reminding people, “If the water starts to rise or gets muddy, get to higher ground immediately,” or something like that.

We thought we would walk to the falls but they are quite a distance from the campground so we ended up taking Trek and hiking about a mile in and out.  We got our exercise though since it was all downhill going in and all uphill on the way back.  It was fun walking around on the rocks and seeing the pools and the streams.  The Hill Country is laced with these canyons cut into the limestone.

This evening Charlie built a little campfire and we toasted a few marshmallows.  It was suppose to happen since we found several pieces of leftover firewood and a can of fire starter at our campsite, just enough to make the perfect fire.  It sure felt good since the temperatures are dropping again tonight.

It’s all good!


It’s Cold and Rainy

February 26, 2014

Sometimes things just come together without any plans.  We awoke in the Wal-Mart parking lot to cold wind and rain and the news that there would likely be a frost tonight.  Not exactly great traveling news.  Our options were 1) not driving anywhere and getting a motel, 2) heading west as planned to site see in Fredericksburg and getting a room there, or, 3) driving a shorter distance west and camping at Perdernales Falls State Park.  We chose option three and had a beautiful drive through the Texas Hill Country in spite of the clouds and rain.

After getting a camp site we went to Johnson City for some grocery shopping.  Also stopped at a local meat processing store, Harvest House Farms, and purchased some jerky, summer sausage, bacon, and a ribeye steak.  Oh my, it was all so delicious.  Came home and set up camp, turned on the music and our little heater, and snuggled in for a cozy night in Trek.  Have to remember to disconnect the water tonight in case we get that frost.

We are looking forward to hiking tomorrow when the temperature goes up a bit.  The scenery from the road is spectacular.

It’s all good!

Screen Shot 2014-02-26 at 5.29.43 PM

Austin and The Alamo in San Antonio

February 25, 2014

We spent the last few days in Austin visiting relatives and a wonderful time was had by all.  We toured Austin and Pfugerville and enjoyed good food and excellent company.  It was nice to be able to move around a house again after living in Trek for so many days.

Today we made a quick trip to San Antonio to wander around The Alamo.  It’s pretty amazing to see how well they have preserved the site right in the middle of the downtown.

In the evening we had a wonderful meal and a great visit with family in Georgetown.  Thank you all in Austin so much for making us feel at home.

Spent the night at hotel Wal-Mart.

It’s all good!

Screen Shot 2014-02-26 at 4.27.58 PM

A Good Day for a Hike

We went for a hike this morning after a late breakfast, about three miles through tall pine forest.  The weather was perfect for hiking, sunny and temperatures in the 60’s.  There was an alligator at the edge of the lake taking a sunbath and there were lots of people out fishing.  We stopped at the park nature center and saw their exhibits. We are still in the land of turtles, alligators, and the big egrets and herons even though the countryside is hilly and there is much less swampland.

This afternoon we did more of what we are best at – a little bit of cleaning, reading, playing on the computer and napping.  Charlie saw another alligator near our site at the edge of the lake.  Guess I won’t be walking around in the dark tonight.

The campground is a little more crowded, it being Friday and relatively close to Houston, but the sites are big with a lot of open space around us.

It’s all good!

Two Living in Trek

February 20, 2014

We have been living exclusively in the Roadtrek for almost two weeks so I thought it might be a good time to review the experience.  During this time we have had access to water and electricity every night.

  • Everything must stay tidy and in its place.
  • Only one person can move around at a time.
  • It helps to have three hands at times especially when cooking and doing dishes.
  • Best to be good friends, there is no privacy.
  • We use restrooms as much as possible but during the night, early in the morning and in bad weather it’s great to have our own bathroom.
  • Cooking great meals has been fun.  We have settled into a routine of shopping for three days at a time, usually a casual meal such as sandwiches, a full meal like steak or chicken with potatoes and salad, and a stir-fry with leftover steak or chicken and veges and rice, plus breakfast and lunch snacks.  That’s about all we can get in the pantry and refrigerator at one time.
  • The BBQ works great but would be better if the connection to the propane tank was more convenient.  We will look into having an extension installed.
  • 200 miles is about the maximum distance to travel in a day, by the time we gas up, shop, get lost or turned around at least once, and stop early enough to set up in daylight.
  • At this point we think we brought too many clothes.  Unless we are staying in one place for weeks no one but us knows that we wear the same stuff for days, not including underwear. 🙂  I will pack lighter in the future.  If necessary, clothes can be purchased on the road.
  • It is essential that the van is as close to level as possible when parked.
  • Be prepared for surprises.  Knock on wood, we have had very few problems with Trek but they do happen, like discovering that we had no turn signals.  It was a blown fuse and we just happened to have a replacement.
  • Keep track of oil changes, fluid levels, and tire pressure.  We had the oil changed at Wal-Mart.  That worked out well.
  • So far we have washed clothes at one motel and at the RV park in New Orleans.  The issue becomes where to store the dirty clothes and towels.  It looks like we need to schedule a laundry session about once a week to ten days.

Today has been a little work and a lot of relaxation.  The weather has been cloudy and threatening rain which finally arrived late afternoon.  We did spend some time cleaning the utilities storage cabinet and getting some of the travel dirt off the outside of the van.

The campground is beautiful and we look forward to doing some hiking tomorrow.

It’s all good!


Hello, Texas!

February 19, 2014


A warm, damp, foggy morning in Louisiana made for a quick get away.  A half an hour later
we stopped at the visitor information center on the border in Orange, Texas, had breakfast and enjoyed their swampland boardwalk.  Lots of turtles, red-winged blackbirds, an egret wading in the muddy water and had a peek at an alligator.

As we continued west the landscape slowly changed to ranch land with lots beef cattle and then changed again to forest as we drove through Sam Houston National Forest.  Our day ended at Huntsville State Park, a beautiful campground on Raven Lake.

It’s all good!

Screen Shot 2014-02-19 at 7.39.54 PM

Working, Walking, Working

Pictures on the way.  I worked on getting more pictures ready and I’m slowly learning to get this blogging stuff up to date.  Also worked on taxes this morning.  Trek makes a good office.

After a leisurely coffee and breakfast, we went for a good long walk on one of the trails that follows a bend in the Calcaseiu River.  Unfortunately, this park is being invaded by civilization.  The river is not that wide and on the opposite shore are McMansions, some with big boats parked on their private docks.  It’s quite a contrast to the small, run down homes we’ve seen most of the way through Louisiana.

We had a conflict with bluetooth and our mifi wireless so this afternoon we rearranged the music system.  They had to be separated so the mifi is in the back of Trek and the speakers and bluetooth receiver has been moved to the front.  Now all the music on my ‘puter is going and I’m still on the net.  I just love technology.

It’s all good!