Adventures in the Fog

January 4, 2015 – When living in Northern Maine, one does forget all the fun things available in the real world. We awoke to a very foggy day after a night of rain.  After another yummy breakfast at a local diner and a visit to Adams, an indoor farmers market-like super store to walk off the breakfast, the four of us headed west 30 miles to Pennsylvania for a cigarette run, $44 a carton in PA vs. $110 in New York. It would have been a beautiful drive except for the fog, not enough to slow traffic but enough so we couldn’t see the scenery.

Back at the house for a rest and then out to dinner at a steakhouse, Schlesinger’s. This place has a cigar bar where you can still have a drink and a smoke inside. How do they do that? They have a walk-in humidor where tobacco products are sold and consequently were grandfathered to continue business as usual after the no smoking laws were enacted. So we had a drink and a smoke in the bar before moving to the non-smoking restaurant. Dinner was excellent, really fine salads, sides, and steaks. We can’t keep up with all this good eating and drinking or we’ll not be able to get in and out of Trek.

Had to be back home to watch the first episode of the season of “Downton Abbey”.

It’s all good!


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