Moving South

January 8, 2015 – A couple more quiet cold days in Newburgh and we are off again.

We took a new route.  Ignore this boring paragraph since it’s for my information. New York State Thruway to the Garden State Parkway (Exit 14A), to the New Jersey Turnpike (I-95), to US 13 after crossing into Delaware, to US 301 through Maryland.  We stayed on 301 until we intersected I-95 just above Doswell VA and that was a mistake. Next time try US 50 to I-95.  That would bring us much closer to the Washington, D.C. chaos, but we drove 60 miles through lots of traffic lights staying on 301 too long.  Barring delays the interstate would probably be much faster.  Of course timing is everything when near the big cities.

Our new route kept us on the east side of the mountains all the way to Cary NC.  It was a pleasant but cold drive.  We stopped in Doswell and got a motel, since the temperature was expected to be in the high single numbers, and then yesterday had a quick 200 mile drive to Connie’s.  I think this is the first time driving in or out of the Raleigh-Durham area that we didn’t get lost.  Hooray for us!

It’s all good!





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